16 feb 2015

Equalogical LAB for "R.E.D.S.2 ALPS"

Equalogical lab participated with two contributions at the seminar "REDS2 ALPS Resilient Ecological Design Strategies Designing a sustainable future Toward an ecological approach", conference sponsored and organized by the University of Trento.
A day of meetings, conferences and presentations on sustainability, so that was held January 31, 2015, at the Fair "Climate House" in Bolzano "

In the special issue MONOGRAPH Research dedicated to the international seminar will be published two contributions
“Sotto Casa: rebirth of neigborhood gardens workshop” and "Tensegrity al natural: El bosc, Girona Temps de Flors 2014"

“Sotto casa” is an Italian expression to indicate the public spaces near your home. The Workshop is an experimental project of self-build promoted by the architect cluster Equalogical Lab an and the 'neighborhood association Nessun dorma. It has the aim to rediscover and redefine urban landscape through the defense, re-appropriation and re-qualification of a space that receives and tells the story of those who live it. The cycle of seminars involved young architects and civil engineers along with local residents interessed in participate to a collective construction of a space. The workshop aims to valorise the public space of a garden, a green area abandoned and defense by a group of neighbors through small self-managed interventions, through the construction of a tensile structure and some furnitures. The final installation in the garden creates a point of attraction light and colored. The double curvature geometry, which closes from the highest points on the ground, helps to integrate the artefact in the environment. The cable net is covered with triangles of red and gray fabric which in some points allow to filter the light, creating a play of light and shadow on the ground. The furniture invite passers-by to stop for a break under the canopy. Lightweight materials made the tensile structure easy to build and eco friendly. The project integrates the idea of reuse and recycling materials, new technologies and principles of biomimicry, considering that tensile structures are a construction system suggested by the spiderwebs that we find in nature. Furnitures were realized with fruit boxes and pallets, enhancing the poor materials through the design creativity of the participants. “Sotto casa” was created with the aim of start a process of participation in the development and management of the garden, based on a new way to build by a point of view not only technological, but also social, cultural and territorial.

The installation Tensegrity al Natural - El bosc, realized in Girona Temps de Flor 2014, is a project of architectural creativity that explores the spatial principles of tensegrity structures.

At the origin the design did not have a specific location that has been assigned for the organizing committee of the event following the selection of the participants projects. The system of tensegrity and the natural aggregation inspired of the woodland have offered the strategies that allow the project to adapt to the space outside of the apse of the Monastery of St. Pere de Galligants.

We built several elements: various T-prism with 3 auctions in 1 or 2 levels and one Diamond T structure of 6 auctions as a singular object. These are made from recycled branches from pruning of almond trees. The rods work by compression without touching each other, while the system remains united and balanced thanks to the taut strings that connect to each other the ends of the branches. The result is a spatial game based on dialectic between the lightness of the structure and the ephemeral flowers, the chromatic dialogue between the branches and the flowers.

With this event Girona city renews every year the forms we live and look their urban spaces. It’s a meeting to develop diversity, adaptability and cohesion of the territory, the fundamental properties for the construction of a new urban ecological system.