3 ott 2014

Equalogical.lab @ AAG2014_London

Advances in Architectural Geometry 2014

Geometry lies at the core of the architectural design process. It is omnipresent, from the initial form-finding stages to the final construction. Modern geometric computing provides a variety of tools for the efficient design, analysis, and manufacturing of complex shapes.

The latest research was presented at “Advances in Architectural Geometry”, the symposium where architects, engineers, mathematicians, software designers and contractors from all over the world were involved at the University College of London.

Equalogical.lab took part in the event and was delighted to present a poster entitled “Reciprocity of models in tension system”. The poster presents a research on employing a biomimetic approach to architectural design and the development of material systems. 

It  explores the construction of tension systems by exploiting material elasticity presented by two case studies. The first case is a Cellular cables systems with 1D elements formed by the aggregation of one-dimensional elements and joined by sliding nodes. The second is  a bio-inspired structure constructed from recycled tires with sinusoidal bands and cylinder. 

Well done Equalogical.lab team!!! Get ready for the next AAG2016 @ Zurich.